Revolutionizing where, when
and how children learn.

Inspired by the world-renowned Finnish system, Boundless Education was developed by taking the finest ingredients from the world's best educational practices to build one coherent system to follow your child anywhere. The traditional school system, with its top-down teaching method, is outdated and needs to evolve. This is why we developed Boundless Education, a transformational learning system that lays the foundation for innovation, maximizes experiential learning and creates meaningful connections to ourselves, our communities and the world.

How it works

Online Platform
Education Center
Boundless Education can also be accessed via our innovative online ecosystem that provides personalized learning resources for Math, Reading, Writing, Languages and Problem Solving.
Boundless Education welcomes children into an adaptive, in-person learning environment with small group sizes and independent monthly learning cycles led by our accredited educators for children aged
1 year to 12 years old.
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Our values
Boundless Educations' core values guide our approach to teaching and learning.

Be Bold

A growth mindset embraces challenges. Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Creativity is at the core of everything we do. Take initiative to find solutions.
Be Resilient

Emotional well-being develops balance, concentration and empathy. Empower yourself through mindfulness.

The best results are reached through collaboration and building connections. Respect yourself, nature and others.
Our learning pillars
Based on the Finnish Curriculum, our pillars combine to deepen a child's core competencies and focus on interest-driven academic experiences.
Experiential learning
Boundless Education believes in learning by doing. Students are exposed to new concepts and skills using a hands-on approach.
Personalized learning
Boundless students gain mastery in core academic areas, progressing at their own pace.
Purposeful learning
Bringing purpose to learning by finding a personal connection and making a difference.
Project-based learning
To develop an entrepreneurial mindset, through critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections, children engage in Quests where they tackle real-world problems and complex questions.
Preparing children for an unknown future by teaching future skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. These skills are applied to subject knowledge and linked to real life phenomena.
Mindful Well-being
Holistic wellbeing in the curriculum guides children to be present in the moment, reduces stress levels, increases focus and learning potential.
Education is not preparation for life, but rather life itself.
— John Dewey
A day in the life
A day in the life of a Boundless Education Center has been thoughtfully curated to create a safe and holistic environment that empowers children by developing the whole child.
Connection Time
Children begin the day with a mindful moment to center themselves. During this time they also partake in rich & meaningful discussions around character building and take time to connect as a group.
Mastery Time
In the first part of the day, using an individualized approach, children tackle core academics with our innovative online tools. Mastery Time ensures that students master a concept before moving on.
Quest Time
Based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, children work collaboratively in groups during Quest Time to apply their knowledge & skills to the world students experience everyday.
Nature Time
Adapted to the local ecosystems, children will be immersed into the natural surroundings during Nature Time.
Cultural Immersion Time
During Culture Immersion Time, children will partake in various workshops that embrace the charm and beauty of the village's local culture.
Endeavour Time
During Endeavour Time, children will take a deep dive into different workshops based on family preferences. This is also a great place for parents to offer workshops or mentor children.
How do we compare?
When comparing Boundless Education to traditional schools, our future-ready model provides much more.
Traditional Schools
Seamless Mobility Between Destinations
Personalized Learning
Experiential Learning
Nature-based Learning
Project-based Learning
Cultural Immersion
Small Group Sizes
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